Pinch2pinch provisions minimergency kit for her $16 *

Having made a serious effort to slim down my handbag contents, both to save my handbags and my back from ruin, I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results. A more stream-lined handbag has indeed lead to a more stream-lined mind; who’d have guessed?! However, the one drawback to my newly cleared out handbag situ is that, when emergency situations do crop up, I’ve often found myself without a few essentials.

Well not any more, thanks to this little bundle of joy, otherwise known as the Pinch Provisions Minimergency KitGrabbed on a whim while waiting in the queue at Sephora – goodness gracious those ‘last chance’ aisles are dangerous – I have to admit, it was more curiosity than anything else which made me pick it up. And thank goodness I did because it has already served as saviour not only to me but to many of my friends and colleagues at our times of need.

Essentially what this little kit contains is anything and everything we gals might need while out and about – don’t worry dudes, there’s one for you too! Painkillers? Check. Sewing kit? Check. Stain remover, tampon, lip balm, hairspray? Check, check, check, check. In total, the Minimergency kit contains 17 emergency provisions, all bundled into a seriously compact – and rather pretty – little case which fits neatly into your bag.

In other words, it really is possible to carry the world around in your handbag – without sacrificing all that space. Genius.


4 thoughts on “Pinch Provisions to the rescue

  1. Neat! What do you do when you run out of one thing thought?

    1. Also I nominated you for the Beauty Blogger of the Month Award! My post on it is here:

      1. Thank you so much, that’s so lovely of you! I’ll head over and check your blog out now 🙂 xxxx

    2. Good point! When stuff has run out so far I’ve tried to replace it – the tampon and the bandaid – but I guess when it comes to the hairspray etc I might have to get a new one! x

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