I remember so clearly the first time I tried Indeed Labs Hydraluron. I’d heard so much positive stuff about it and read more than my fair share of glowing reviews and yet for some reason I still expected it to fall short of my expectations. Boy was I wrong and it has actually ended up being one of the longest-lasting staple beauty items in my stash – as has its sister product, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Sheet MaskIt may look terrifying (trust me, just look at it), but holy sheet mask does it work a treat.

So when I found out about the latest addition to the amazing Hydraluron family, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture JellyI had some seriously high hopes. And while I’m not one for offering up my opinion on a product until I’ve had a good ole chance to try and test it, I’ve made a one-off exception to give y’all my initial thoughts about this potential wunder-product, which FYI officially launched yesterday.

Essentially the Moisture Jelly is the missing piece of the Hydraluron puzzle – we’ve got a serum, we’ve got a mask and now (at long last) we have a moisturiser. Much like the other two products, the Jelly is full to the brim of hyaluronic acid, a genius ingredient that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water and essentially allows your skin to drink up every ounce of moisture possible. Which is exactly what you need to keep a healthy, happy, glowing complexion.

What makes it different from the serum and the sheet mask however, are two unique ingredients – PatchH2O and Fucogel. I’m going to skip the serious science talk (not my strong suit) and cut straight to the key bits; PatchH2O moisturises the skin, working with the hyaluronic acid to make sure all that moisture is absorbed by the skin quickly and effectively, while the Fucogel helps to create a protective film on the skin, protecting all that lovely hydration and preventing your skin from losing any much-needed moisture.

So does it work? Well that’s the billion pound question. While I’ve only had the chance to try this out a couple of times, I have to say I’m thrilled. It feels pretty bizarre when you first use it – it’s just like jelly, like a much thicker version of the serum – but it absorbs incredibly quickly and leaves no trace of tackiness on the skin making it ideal for use under make up. It’s also left my skin feeling a lot smoother – noticeably so, even after two uses. And when used with its sister serum, you need just the smallest amount of product to really feel like you’re getting a good dose of moisture; if anything, the handy push-top dispenser (just like the Kate Somerville ones for anyone who has tried those) gives out a bit too much in my opinion, but that’s by no means a big issue.

In other words, so far so ruddy good. I will of course be sure to check back in a few weeks’ time and let you guys know how I’m getting on but, for now at least, it’s safe to say I’m incredibly impressed.


One thought on “First impressions: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

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