Quick confession, I was a huge fan of The Osbournes’ reality TV series back in the day. I ruddy loved it. I found the family funny, exciting, entertaining, wacky and sometimes even a bit sad but I just couldn’t get enough of ’em. And when Sharon Osbourne popped up on the X Factor, I was so excited to see some of that awesome Osbourne brilliance back on the TV – you have to admit she was the most entertaining!

Needless to say, when I learned that Sharon and Kelly Osbourne had teamed up with make up brand MAC to design a limited range of beauty products, my heart skipped a beat. I had to have it! And have it I have.

Despite lusting over pretty much all of the products in the collection, I opted for just two, one from each range – it was my first day in New York and I was trying to be conservative! The first is probably the product that I was most excited about, the Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad. This beautiful collection of eyeshadow shades is everything I want from a neutral palette – and so much more. All of the shades are incredibly pigmented, blend into the skin beautifully and the staying power is pretty ruddy epic. Plus the packaging is just so pretty!

Onto Kelly’s range and another product that immediately caught my eye as soon as I saw the collection, the Kelly Mineralise Skinfinish DuoI have a couple of the Mineralise Skinfinishes in my beauty arsenal already and I absolutely love them. They give my skin such a lovely oomph and feel so nice when applied. Thankfully, this bad boy is no exception. While it’s too light to use as a blusher/bronzer, it adds a really lovely healthy glow to my skin when applied all over and, when you get a bit more heavy-handed with the brush, also works superbly as a highlighter.

As you may have already guessed, a fair few products from the Osbournes x MAC collection have already sold out but there are still some available so if you’re keen to check it out, make sure you check out the MAC website for more info!


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