That’s right ladies and gents, we’ve reached the end of my mammoth New York haul. These last bits and pieces are some of the only non-beauty purchases I made (sad but true) and are actually some of my favourite things that I picked up on my trip.

First up, my Bath and Body Works Candlesin Honeysuckle Bouquet and Lemon Mint Leaf. Holy moly are these fragrances incredible. Both are so fresh and light, yet still manage to fill the whole room with the most sensational scents. The Honeysuckle candle is bright and floral with a light honeyed undertone that gives the candle an amazing Springtime warmth to it. It’s the perfect summer scent. So too the Lemon Mint Leaf which is one of the freshest candles I have ever smelt. It immediately conjures up images of lying in the garden in the sunshine and makes my whole flat smell like summer.

Next up are my Free People Hair Ties which are unlike anything I’ve ever seen here in the UK. They’re a cross between a headband and a scrunchie and add a bit of colour to my normally quite dull hairstyles. They’re the perfect accompaniment to those day-off messy hairstyles and help to make it look like you’ve made a bit more of an effort. Ish.

My last purchase is actually my most loved from the whole trip, my Marc Jacobs Lucky Penny Key RingAfter breaking both my iPhone and my Rebecca Minkoff handbag within the space of a day – don’t ask – I felt like a little luck was needed and when I saw this little charm on sale in Bookmarc, Marc Jacobs’ bookstore in Greenwich Village, I knew it would be the perfect pick-me-up to turn my luck around. And whadya know, ten minutes after buying it, I had been given a free cupcake and bumped in to Willem Defoe. Thanks Marc Jacobs….


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