Goodness gracious I do love a limited edition MAC collection, particularly when it incorporates a bit of Disney magic. One of my most treasured pieces of MAC make up is from the brand’s 2010 Venomous Villains Collection, the MAC Maleficent Mineralise Eyeshadow Duo in She Who Daresa deep and dark eyeshadow that just radiants evil villain. While not the kind of colour I would wear on a daily basis, I just love the whole concept of matching the make up to the character and the packaging is just incredible.

So when word reached my ears that MAC would be releasing a new Maleficent collection in honour of the newly-released Disney film of the same name – which is out today ladies and gents! – I knew at least some of the products had to be mine.

First things first, the packaging. It is nowhere near as Disney as the Villains collection (which I assume is because this film is meant to be suited for a more mature audience) and I’ll admit a part of me was a little bit sad about that. Don’t get me wrong, the shiny black is incredibly chic and attractive, there’s just a small part of me – no doubt the most childish part – that would have liked something a bit more whimsical!

Onto the products and I’m happy to report both of my products picks are pure perfection. The MAC Maleficent Lipstick in True Love’s Kiss is the perfect ‘lips as red as the rose’ shade and, in my mind, has the perfect finish. Not too matte and not too sheeny. The perfect red. Similarly, the MAC Maleficent Nail Lacquer in Flaming Rose is just that perfect red shade and matches the lipstick beautifully. It glides on super smoothly, gives an opaque finish after one coat and, two days in, is totally chip-free.

So as you can see, I’m slightly smitten with the whole MAC meets Disney concept – cartoon villain or no cartoon villain. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch my much-loved copy of Sleeping Beauty and no doubt waltz around the room a few times to Once Upon a Dream…


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