As I’m sure many of you are aware by now, I’m not the healthiest gal around. I’m not exactly stuffing my face with McDonalds every day – I have slightly more sense than that – but a combination of long working hours, a general dislike of most vegetables and (I’ll admit it!) a pinch of laziness mean my vitamin intake isn’t quite what it should be. And it’s really something I’ve been trying to change.

Enter Udo’s Choice Beyond Greensa clever mix of carefully selected greens (including broccoli, kale and parsley) and general good stuff (soothing mucilage, herbs and fibre) which comes in powdered supplement form and can be added to anything from juice and smoothies to cereal or yoghurt. Now I’ve always been slightly skeptical about this kind of thing – to be honest it all seems too easy to just add some powder to your drink and be done with it – but I have to admit I’m pretty sold on this bad boy.

After just a week’s worth of use – mixing it in with smoothies and juices – I’ve genuinely noticed a difference. I’ve had more energy, which is hugely ironic as this has been one of the most tiring weeks I’ve had in a long ole while, and, although it might sound a bit cliche, I feel better in myself. Is this what I’ve been missing out on all along ladies and gents?! 

At the moment, the only drawback I can spy is the taste. While not unbearable, it does have a remarkable similarity – both in appearance, smell and, I imagine, taste – to hamster food and horse hay. Not the most appealing experience but you do get used to it. Eventually. And who knows, if I can brave this, maybe I’m just one step closer to eating actual veg!?


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