Ole* ole henriksen truth to go wipes x 10 £6 *

One of the main skincare rules that I’ve managed to abide by without fail since my university days is steering completely clear of face wipes. I’ll be the first to admit that I relied on them far too heavily back in the day and at one point in time they were pretty much my only form of skincare *cringes*.But then times changed and I discovered a whole world of beauty bits and pieces that ruddy well blew my face wipes out of the water and in all honesty, I haven’t looked back – until now that is.

Enter the face wipe to end all face wipes, the Ole Henriksen Truth To Go WipesHailed by many a beauty lover around the world as something of a beauty revolution, these wipes are full to the brim of good stuff – vitamin c, green tea and micro algae – and, unlike the majority of face wipes they manage to completely cleanse your skin while nourishing it. Post-use, you’re left with lovely clean skin that feels fresh and bright with not one trace of tightness or dryness.

Now, I’m not by any means turning to these bad boys on a daily basis – for one thing they are a little bit too expensive to become a regular habit..! – but when it comes to removing make up in a quick flash, either on the move or at the gym for example, there’s nothing else I would rather use. This handy travel pack is ideal for keeping with you while you’re out and about and is also a great option if you’re eager to try these wipes out without committing to the full-priced packet.

So, who else is joining me on this cheeky face wipe revolution?


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