In celebration of the beautiful sunshine that is currently beaming over London, I thought I would share with you the latest addition to my summer beauty stash, the Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Bronzing CompactNow I tend to go through phases with bronzer and will go for weeks at a time without wearing it, before one day catching sight of my pale and pasty complexion and immediately delving into my stash in search of one of my favourite healthy glow-givers.

As y’all know, I’m something of a sucker for the limited edition packaging – particularly when it looks as beautiful as this product – but please be assured that wasn’t the only reason behind my decision to splash out on such a high-end item. This bronzer is, without a doubt, one of the most flattering shades I’ve ever tried. There’s no muddiness to it and not a trace of ‘I’ve been tango-ed’ orange, just a really natural warming glow that blends in beautifully and adds a summer-kissed look to your complexion.

Clarins tend to release a limited edition bronzer every summer, always with the same blend of warm brown and terracotta and – sadly – always for a limited time only. Sob. But never fear, because this bad boy is still on counters and still available online so if you hurry now, you’ll be able to snap it up. Go go go.


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