The Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is a product that has been doing the beauty blogger rounds lately and having read a number of reviews, opinions and thoughts, I decided it was high time to test it out for myself. Having been so thrilled with the last big release from this beauty brand, the Garnier 5 Second Perfect BlurI had high hopes for this latest launch.

The Miracle Skin Cream is a bit of an odd hybrid product which combines all the benefits of an anti-ageing moisturiser along with a smidge of glow-inducing coverage in the form of some near-invisible particles of a foundation-like formula which are hidden within the cream and only appear when you start to rub it in. Clever, eh? The overall effect is beautiful; the lightweight formula nourishes the skin while the foundation particles help to blur any facial nasties, cover up any redness and uneven skin tone and create a pretty radiant glow.

Now I’m not really one for the whole tinted moisturiser/BB/CC cream phenomenon – they just don’t really work for me – but in this case, I’m happy to make an exception. While using the miracle cream alone wouldn’t give me enough coverage for my day-to-day out-and-about make up look, it works really well as a primer-style base and for those days when I’m in need of something a bit lighter to just add a little something something to my skin, this bad boy’s the winner. Especially as it also contains SPF 20 making it ideal for those sunnier days spent outside. I’m sure they’re on their way…


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