Zoeva2As some of you may remember from a previous post, I have something of an obsession with rose gold beauty products. So when I spotted these brushes being showcased on a number of my favourite blogs, I knew I had to have them in my collection – waiting list or no waiting list. And sadly, it was a pretty lengthy waiting list…

And, believe it or not, it wasn’t just the rose gold brilliance of these brushes that made me want to invest in the Zoeva Rose Golden Collection. I’ve heard so many great things about Zoeva brushes, I had to test them out for myself. Thankfully, I haven’t been disappointed. The brush quality is superb – they are incredibly soft and feel wonderfully luxurious – and they wash really well too. Plus, they sit at a pretty wallet-friendly end of the price scale, with these eight brushes, plus a leather carry case, coming in at just over £60, plus p&p.

In terms of shapes and sizes, this is a brilliant kit to kick off a collection and contains almost every type of brush I need on a day to day basis, plus a few extras that I didn’t already have in my existing stash.

As you may be able to tell, I’m pretty smitten with my new brushes. They offer such great quality, beyond their beautiful appearance, and I’m hoping they’re going to last me for years to come. Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “Rose gold goodness from Zoeva

  1. makeupandmojitos says:

    Soooo beautiful

  2. I’m a fan too! I use mine everyday. I currently have something like 12 of their brushes, I don’t love them all as much, but on a whole I’m very pleased with them.

    1. Do you have particular favourites that you prefer? If so I’ll make sure I check ’em out! x

      1. I love the 224, 227, 221!, 228, 231 and 142. I think you might have those 2 last ones in your set, not sure. I have 2 face brushes, they are nice, very nice, but I have others that I prefer for their shape or bristle density.

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