Following on from yesterday’s post about my epic beauty clear-out, I wanted to share with you a few of the forgotten gems that I unearthed during my mammoth sorting session.

The first – and I admit I let out a squeal of joy upon discovering this – is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing MistThis delightfully refreshing spritz works wonders on skin that is looking a little tired and out of sorts *raises hand*, helping to give it a much-needed whack of moisture and a calming hit of soothing rose and aloe vera. It smells amazing and feels incredible on the skin. Aaaaaah.

Another skin saviour comes in the form of the Weleda Skin Food. The nourishing, soothing formula of this moisturising treatment helps to cure all manner of skin issues, from chapped lips to dry cuticles. A dream for anyone planning a long-haul flight anytime soon (yep that’s me!), it’s a must-have for anyone in need of something soothingly simple, yet effective in their life.

The last bit of soothing skincare in my newly-discovered arsenal is one that I’ve used for decades – in fact it’s one of the first products I remember my mum talking about as a child – Tiger BalmFor those of you that don’t know, this Asian heat rub can be used for all manner of ailments, particularly sore and aching muscles. Anyone out there who, like me, spends hours hunched over a computer would be wise to invest in a tub of this spicy-scented wonder, purely for its immense muscle-relaxing abilities.

Moving on, there was one make up item which stood out from the crowd of un-opened products, Benefit The Porefessionala silicone-based primer which smoothes skin and evens out the complexion, acting as a dreamy base for all make up application. It’s a product which I once relied quite heavily on and which I look forward to re-discovering.

Last up, we have a much-hyped hair treatment in the form of the Moroccan Oil Treatment. This luxurious hair treatment works wonders on my sad split ends, ensuring that any frizzy fly-aways are instantly smoothed and tamed. While it’s a tad on the heavy side for every day use, when applied once every three days or so, it’s ruddy ace.


3 thoughts on “The hidden gems, rediscovered

  1. Love the porefessional product!

  2. sleepingbootay says:

    Itching to try Weleda’s Skin Food!

  3. samanthaq says:

    I love rediscovering products that i used to love! I’ve heard about the moroccan oil treatment before and i keep forgetting to try it out xx

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