That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I finally got my butt into gear and cleared my way through the mountain of beauty products, skincare bits and bobs and make up items that has been growing increasingly out of control during the past few months, finally reaching breaking point when I was forced to store a new mascara in my pencil case out of sheer desperation at my lack of available storage space.

So, for those of you who, like me, have found yourselves a bit short on space and perhaps a bit overwhelmed with a fair few unnecessary beauty bits, I thought I would share my tips for an effective clear out…

*BE RUTHLESS* Get rid of everything you know you won’t use – and don’t make excuses. I hate to say it, but if you’ve had the same six unopened mascaras sitting in a drawer for eight months – and have bought and used several others during that time – it probably means you just don’t need ’em. But that doesn’t mean they have to go to waste…

*ONE MAKE UP LOVER’S TRASH…* Is another make up lover’s treasure. Find a good home for those products that you know you won’t use. Even if they aren’t suitable for you, they might be perfect for someone you know. Oily skinned gals can give heavy moisturisers to their drier-skinned friends, brunettes, find a fair-haired friend to donate your blonde-enhancing shampoo to. You could host your own beauty sale or perhaps hit a car boot sale? Or seek out some lovely colleagues, friends and family – you can even donate your unwanted, unopened products to charity.

*ONE IN ONE OUT* To stop this mess from mounting up again, I’m trying to stick to a – shock horror – one in, one out policy. Basically what that means is I can’t spend my hard-earned pennies on any new beauty products until I’ve finished up those that I already own. Needless to say I’m avoiding the temptation of Boots entirely.

*USE YOUR NEW SPACE TO GET ORGANISED* Don’t see that added space as an excuse to find things to fill it. Although that thought may be incredibly tempting, remember why you started this whole process! Get the products that you do use and love organised in a way that you feel happy with.

Have any of you got any top tips for beauty organisation?


3 thoughts on “Beauty clear-out: some top tips

  1. Some great tips here 🙂 Thanks! It’s SO hard to get that buying impulse under control, really.

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