* a monday afternoon well spent *

The five best bits: seeing Elton John performing live – that man is a music legend for a reason – at Battersea Power Station + planning an impromptu holiday + a party to celebrate the engagement of two lovely friends (congratulations Gina and Chris!) + a much-needed lie in after a long ass week +

Beauty product pick of the week: YSL Gloss Volupte – one of the products I picked up at my work beauty sale recently. It’s amazingly pigmented, glides on like a dream and isn’t sticky in the slightest

On the agenda: making some more potential holiday plans with Bems on Monday. Watch this space…

News flash: I’m finally doing a much-needed clear-out and life admin session. Fingers crossed I make it to the other side in one piece

Pause for thought: your lifestyle is, more often than not, easiest to see in your face. Late nights, lack of sleep, bad food – it’s easy to see. Live the life you want to see in the mirror

I hope you all have a lovely week!

If you’d like to see more of my Instagram photos, please do pop over there and follow me @CharlieLankston


* swooning over morgan taylor polish *


* beautiful battersea skyline *


* it’s only elton bloody john! *


* finally took the plunge *


One thought on “Famous five #98

  1. samanthaq says:

    That nail polish is so pretty! xx

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