I seem to have developed something of a serious lip product problem. It’s bad. I’ve completely run out of any and all lipstick storage and yet I just couldn’t help myself when it came to these beautiful new releases – the Bourjois Rouge Edition VelvetHoly guacamole these things are da bomb. 

Now I know a lot of y’all may have come across them already – they’ve been doing the rounds recently – but I wanted to give them a couple of weeks to truly test them out in all manner of situations and see how they really fare. So, first things first, the formula. These glide on incredibly smoothly and the pointed applicator makes it easy to be accurate. Although glossy upon first application, it doesn’t take long for them to dry to a completely matt, almost powdery, finish.

If you struggle with really dry lips, these may be a bit drying for you but if you whack on a slick of lip balm beforehand, it should sort out any issues. Where these bad boys really shine though is in their long-lasting staying power. Seriously, they do. not. budge. We’re talking eight hours through the day with eating, drinking, sweating during lacrosse training – the works. And if you do want to pump up the colour a bit more, they’re easy to layer up with a fresh coat – no crumbling or flaking (eurgh) to worry about.

Shade-wise, they are almost all big reds and bright pinks, with a couple of more rosy shades for those of you in need of something a bit more toned down. Personally, I plumped for Hot Pepper – an amazing true red – and Ole Flamingo! – which is a bright blue-toned pink. Both colours are bright, bold and just ruddy beautiful. 

Needless to say I’m sold on the latest drugstore lippy…


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