While I happily blog about almost every new beauty product that makes its way into my arsenal, it occurred to me recently that there are a number of my most used, most loved beauty items that go slightly unnoticed. They may not be the prettiest products – or the most glamorous – but without them, I would be lost. All hail the unsung heroes.

Kicking off with haircare, we have a whole heap of helpful items. First up, the Invisibobblea seriously clever creation that allows you to tie your hair up without worrying about any unwanted kinks when you take it down. Genius. Especially for someone like me whose hair is constantly going up, down, up, down depending on my mood. The second two items are slightly less ingenious – but so handy all the same. The Goody Ouchless Clear Elastics not only protect my hair against snags and breaks, they also make styling a lot easier. Braids and updos, you name it and with these bad boys you can do it – particularly when coupled with some handy Boots Large Hair GripsWinner.

After haircare is taken care of, we move on to the multi-taskers, starting with Q-Tipsknown to us Brits as Cotton BudsAs well as their obvious purpose, these can be used in so many different ways. Neatening up nail polish, cleaning up smudged make up or applying eyeshadow on the go, there’s no end to their uses. Same goes for the humble shower cap. While not the most fashionable of items, it is without a doubt one of the most handy. Whack it on to keep your hair dry – or, even better, use it to make your hair mask that much more effective. Hair mask on, hair up, cap on, leave for 30 minutes and your hair will be so much smoother.

Another must-have in my beauty stash are the Tweezerman TweezersSharp and precise, they’re just so much better than any other alternative I’ve tried and help me to keep those bushy brows at bay. Next to my tweezers sits my Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for LipsNow the product name might sound weird but this stuff works wonders on chapped lips and – I discovered recently – on dry cuticles. Definitely worth investing in, perhaps purely for the entertaining name!

Last but not least is a bit of an interesting one that I wasn’t sure I would actually use but it’s really come in handy. The This Works In Transit First Aid is an on-the-spot antiseptic rollerball that’s packed with natural oils and can be used on spots, cuts, blisters, burns and anything else that’s causing you pain. And given how accident prone I am, it sure has come in handy! *rollerballs latest blister*


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