I’ve been going a bit wild for Revlon’s unique new releases recently; first their click-together eyeshadows and now the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail PolishesAs someone who paints their nails a minimum of once a week, I’m always looking for new nail lacquers to bring a bit of spice and variety to my at-home manicure routine. Enter the perfumed polish.

Now the first thing I noticed about these – before realising that they were individually scented – was the amazing colour range. There are so many different shades in the collection, from simple muted colours to bright bolds and glittery shimmers too. Something to please every polish palette. The second thing that caught my eye was the cute packaging – the little bottles (and they are quite little) are really unique and really do stand out from the crowd in all their perfume bottle-style glory.

When it comes to the fragrances, each of the polishes is supposed to have a scent that coordinates to its colour. For example, the deep wine colour above is Bordeaux – in name and in scent – the bright green is Lime Basil and the sparkly turquoise (which is my favourite and a pretty good drugstore dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream) is Wintermint.

In the bottle, the polishes smell pretty much like regular ole nail polish – chemicals, mmmm – but it’s when they dry on the nail that the scent is really meant to come alive. Hmmmm. After much nail sniffing (bit weird, I know), I came to the conclusion that, while it’s not particularly powerful, the fragrance is indeed there. But for those of you hoping to waft around perfectly perfumed nails, I’m afraid this polish isn’t going to provide that kind of strong scent.

On the whole, I’m a pretty big fan of the range, although bizarrely that’s not because of the perfume aspect, but rather because of a whole host of other reasons such as the amazing colour variety, the smooth application and the long-lasting formula. The subtle scent is just a nice plus to be honest!

What do you guys think of the concept of perfumed polishes?


4 thoughts on “Perfumed polish: Revlon Parfumerie

  1. Rani says:

    Funny that they are scented ha ha, such lovely colors though, would love to see some swatches on your nails?

    1. If you check out my Instagram, I just posted a pic of the Wintermint! xx

  2. I gave a couple of these a go when they first came out and was a bit disappointed when I put them on my nails. When I swatched them on my hand the scent was much stronger (I work in the cosmetics department of Target, I’m constantly rubbing stuff on my hands). I have since found versions of the colors I picked up in formulas I like better, which makes me sad, since I hate having products I never use.

    1. I have to admit, I love them so much for the colours – but they aren’t my favourite formula-wise. x

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