Unlike a lot of people I know, I don’t have a ‘signature scent’. I much prefer shaking up my fragrance preferences depending on a whole heap of different factors: how I’m feeling, what the weather is doing, what outfit I’m wearing and so on.

Recently however, I’ve been trying out something a bit different with my scent choices. Rather than sticking with just one fragrance, I’m really enjoying pairing perfumes at the moment to create the perfect scent. Now, I don’t have any specific formula for this – it’s really just a case of trying and testing different combinations until I find something I like – but on the whole I find I tend to lean more towards a deeper, muskier scent paired with something lighter and more floral. The lighter fragrance tends to be what you smell first and then it fades out into the lingering deeper scent.

The first of two perfume pairs that I’ve been wearing most frequently is the Karl Lagerfeld For Her and the YSL ManifestoThe floral notes in the Karl Lagerfeld fragrance blend beautifully with the muskier sweeter tones in the YSL scent and the whole combination just works beautifully – and I find that the scent lingers a lot longer throughout the day.

The second fragrance combination is the Diptyque Eau Duelle and the Balenciaga RosabotanicaMuch like the previous pairing, it is the mixture of the spicy vanilla notes in the Diptyque fragrance and the fresh green tones in the Rosabotanica that make this combination work so well. The bright floral notes blend out into the deeper honeyed scent throughout the day, leaving you with a spicy lingering scent that is a bit more unique and interesting than anything else I own.

Have any of you tried perfume pairing? What combinations do you like the best?


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