Perricone MD is one of those skincare brands that receives compliments from pretty much every person who tries their products. But while I’ve tried and tested my way through a boatload of samples from the brand, I’ve never committed to buying any of the products in their full size. I’m not really sure why; I’m going to say it probably has something to do with the fairly hefty price tags attached to each one but I’ve been known to splash a whole load of cash on skincare before so I’m not sure that’s really an excuse.

Nevertheless, thanks to a delightful discount code, I finally made my first Perricone purchase in the form of the Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester SerumThere are a number of reasons why I opted for this product in particular. Promises of radiant, bright-looking skin sucked me in at first glance and, coupled with a focus on diminished dark circles and a healthy, hydrated complexion, I was sold. And I haven’t even mentioned the incredible zesty scent – oh boy, the scent – which is almost identical to a freshly-peeled orange. Mmmm.

But beyond the packaging, did it measure up? I hear you ask. Well, three weeks post-purchase and I have to admit to being slightly on the fence in terms of its effectiveness. I do genuinely think my skin is brighter – a pretty impressive achievement given how ruddy tired and run down I’ve felt recently – and I can see a bit of improvement in the dark circle area – again, very impressive given the aforementioned sleepiness. But really I think I wanted more from the product – although I admit, I think my expectations were a little bit out there, mainly because I had heard (and experienced through samples!) such incredible things about the brand…

Now don’t get me wrong, the serum is lovely and I absolutely plan to keep using it until that last drop has been pipette-d out of the bottle. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Has it dulled my curiosity about the brand in general? Absolutely not. In fact my finger is already hovering over that ‘purchase’ button for the next product… Watch this space.


One thought on “My first Perricone MD purchase

  1. LFFL says:

    I always wondered if his brand lived up to its name.

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