Yep, that’s right, another mint nail polish. But please, hear me out because this one really is something seriously special.

When US-based nail brand Deborah Lippmann first hit shelves in the UK, I have to admit I was a bit meh about the brand – mainly because of the hefty price tag attached to each bottle (they retail between £16 and £18). But, as with so many of these things, it didn’t take long before I was won over by the countless number of glowing reviews and positive pieces.

So, with a very handy Selfridges voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I picked out one of the pricey polishes – Deborah Lippmann’s Flowers in her Hair. Holy moly was it worth it. This beautifully pale mint green lacquer not only applies like a dream – opaque goodness in just one coat – it also remains chip-free for a ruddy long time, particularly when paired with my favourite Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

Shade-wise, it’s a tad lighter than Essie Mint Candy Apple and a slight bit greener than Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish in Mint for LifeIn other words, it is pretty much my perfect mint. The only issue now? Stopping myself from buying the whole Deborah Lippmann collection…


4 thoughts on “The Nail Files #7: a marvellous new mint

  1. fieheath says:

    Love mint polish! Such an instant spring pick me up.
    Fie xx
    Coffee & Confetti

  2. Mint nails are always gorgeous! 😀 I tagged you for a very nosey beauty tag. I hope you have time to participate! Love your blog! xoxo Anne

  3. tashasface says:

    Mmm, I seem to be developing a mint nail polish collection too and I haven’t even tried these brands!

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