Babyliss2* babyliss argan oil finishing brush £9.99 *

I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to a good gimmick. Lip glosses that come complete with mirrors, self-heating face masks, light-up compacts. You name it, I’ve tried it. So when I came across this latest haircare offering from Babyliss in Boots, it didn’t take much for me to throw it into my basket.

As you can see, this is pretty much your average hairbrush – but with a couple of key differences. The most obvious being the argan oil-infused strip that runs down the centre of the brush and promises to help condition and treat your hair while you brush. The second difference is the dual brush element – half of the bristles are plastic, which tackle the tangles, the other natural boar bristles, which help to smooth and de-frizz hair.

My main concern with this brush was that it was going to leave a residue on my hair, or create unwanted greasiness. In all honesty I can feel a slight something on my hair post-brushing, but nothing heavy or particularly greasy. The argan oil doesn’t weigh down hair and it doesn’t leave any grease. I do tend to concentrate my brushing efforts on the ends of my hair – where I suffer from the most dryness – and avoid the roots, just in case.

So, gimmicks aside, does it actually work? After around two weeks of use, I have noticed an improvement in terms of frizziness – my hair is smoother at the ends and feels a bit softer. The difference is by no means drastic, but it is noticeable and for the bargain price of £9.99, I’d say it’s worth adding into your routine if you’re suffering from unwanted frizz or dryness.

Better than the average gimmick? Oh yes. But I can’t say it’s quite achieved greatness.


4 thoughts on “Gimmick or greatness? Babyliss Argan Oil Finishing Brush

  1. aishaaaxo says:

    Do you have to buy argan oil strips after it runs out? Great post BTW x

    1. You do – but the brush does come with one already. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and this strip still seems to be going strong but I’ll update when I know how often they need changing…! xx

      1. aishaaaxo says:

        Okay thank you xxx

  2. Lynn says:

    Not tried this one, but have just brought the Lee Stafford Argonoil paddle brush. This has the rounded tips infused with argon oil.
    It occurred to me a few hours after buying this product that there is NO way of replenishing the Argon oil. So how long this one lasts
    Is unknown. Not long I reckon.

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