Now before you guys say anything, I know that I have developed something of a neutral palette problem. In the past year I’ve built up a pretty impressive collection of these beautiful shadow shades – from a variety of different brands, both high end and drugstore – and yet I just can’t stop myself from buying more. And more.

Enter the MAC Cool Neutrals Palette, a beautiful 15-pan eyeshadow collection full to the brim of some of the brand’s most loved cool neutral shades. Now I’m sure most of you will have seen these palettes in some form or another at some point – the majority of which will no doubt have been built up shade by shade rather than being bought all as one. Now I have a few single MAC eyeshadow shades but have never accumulated enough to build my own palette – although I am getting there. So when I saw that two new ready-made palettes were now being offered by the brand, one cool, one warm,I knew I had to have one.

Now I haven’t had a huge amount of time to play around with the palette as yet – no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of it from here on out – but wanted to give you guys my first thoughts, in case you were leaning towards purchasing one of the palettes yourself. Shade-wise, there is a brilliant variety of colours, both matt and shimmer, which are sure to suit almost every skin tone and colouring. All of the shades are very neutral which may not appeal to some who like a bit more spice and variety in their eye make up, but for me this palette is ideal for creating a whole host of looks, from daytime to nighttime to night-out.

Being a true shimmer-lover, the middle column trio – which top to bottom are Sun Tweaked, Crushed Clove and Cumulus – are really rocking it for me on a first impression-type basis but no doubt I’ll find time to embrace the rest as I get a chance to experiment a bit more.

Formula-wise, as you would expect from MAC, the shadows are pretty brilliant. Buttery-soft to apply (although I’ll admit not quite as soft as my Clarins The Essentials Palette), crease-resistant and long-lasting. Plus, the whole thing is a pretty impressive bargain; while £65 might sound like a pretty heft price tag, if you were to build this bad boy by yourself, I estimate it coming in at around twice that – give or take. So provided you’re a fan of all the shades and you love a good neutral – who doesn’t?! – this palette really is tops and a total must-have.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself and my debit card…


2 thoughts on “Ready-made MAC

  1. fieheath says:

    Those colours are beautiful!

    Fie xx

    Coffee and Confetti

  2. Love your post! Too bad it’s a bit more expensive in Belgium or I would purchase one too 🙂


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