For the past few weeks I’ve had some serious issues with my nails and cuticles. No matter how much nail oil, hand cream and cuticle treatment I use, I still suffer from some terribly severe dryness. So when I spotted this article on xoVain all about an amazing trick to get nails and cuticles back in tip top shape, I had to give it a go.

That super trick? An electric toothbrush and a bit of intensive moisturiser. That’s right.

Essentially what my dry cuticles and nails need is some deep exfoliation and the electric toothbrush does exactly that. Think about it like a Clarisonic for your nails, if you will. It might sound a bit bizarre but boy does it work a treat.

After purchasing a new toothbrush end specifically for the nails, just apply a dollop of moisturiser or balm to the bristles – I’ve tried body lotion, body butter and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream but I find that the Trilogy Everything Balm works the best for me – and work away at each nail for about ten seconds at a time. Go nice and gently and don’t apply too much pressure.

After you’re done, rub in any excess product and you’re left with super smooth, silky soft cuticles and amazingly healthy-looking nails. Simples. How often you do the treatment is up to you depending on how dry/sensitive your nails are. I’ve been doing it once or twice a week depending on the state of my cuticles.

As xoVain’s writer Wendy points out, make sure you keep the brush nice and clean – soap and warm water after every go just to make sure everything’s staying nice and hygienic!


One thought on “The new nail tool

  1. oh! I need to do my nails too! 🙂 xx

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