* the most amazing selfridges delivery *

The five best bits: a tiring yet productive week. You know that feeling when your body and mind are ruddy knackered but you’re feeling like you’ve got something done? Yeah, that + an immense lacrosse training session on Tuesday. Everything just clicked and everyone worked so hard and it left me feeling ace + re-discovering 24. I stopped watching mid-way through the final season and I’m determined to catch up before the next series comes out + ding dong (two of) the rats are dead. Two of ’em have successfully been trapped and I’m keeping everything crossed that’s all there is! + assisting on my first photoshoot. It was manic and crazy and all in all a bit of a bizarre experience but boy was it fun

Beauty product pick of the week: Thanks to a sudden bout of blemishes, I’m very much appreciating the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and all its powerful pigmented covering abilities

On the agenda: I’m meeting G’s parents’ new puppy tomorrow! Eeeeeeeee. She’s a corgi, she’s called Olga and she’s beautiful

News flash: it’s nearly the end of the lacrosse season which means I’m going to have to find some alternative forms of exercise… Ideas for cheap gym membership anyone!?

Pause for thought: it’s the time for a few tough decisions I think – as much as I might not want to make ’em. Just got to face up to it and be brave…

I hope you all have a lovely week!

If you’d like to see more of my Instagram photos, please do pop over there and follow me @CharlieLankston


* pretty blooms *


* photoshoot mayhem *


* grand national bets and sweepstake – all were losses *


* chef small fish at your service *


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