Now as I’m sure you have all gathered by now, I’m a big candle fan. Winter or summer, rain or shine, I just can’t get enough of them. And while I have my favourite scents – Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and HoneyLaura Mercier Signature Warm Roasted Chestnuts and Diptyque Figuier to name a few – I’m always on the look out for interesting new scents.

So when I stumbled across an incredible supply of candles in TK Maxx t’other day, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give ’em all a quick whiff before finally deciding on rather an unusual scent in the form of Heyland & Whittle’s Coconut Vanilla and BlackpepperNow I know it might sound a bit odd – and believe me I wasn’t that wowed when I first read the name – the scent of this candle just works.

The warm sweetness of the vanilla and the coconut would probably be a bit much if it wasn’t for the spiciness of the blackpepper but when combined the scent is just awesome. And what’s more, it fills the whole room – the scent is so amazingly strong but without being too overpowering or sickly – although it does burn slightly to speedily for my liking. One week in and I’m already halfway down. Oops. 


One thought on “A special scent: Heyland & Whittle Coconut Vanilla and Blackpepper

  1. Oh I absolutely love candles. That scent sounds lovely too, a strange combination definitely, but lovely! What a good find 🙂 xo

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