Holy guacamole I love a good face oil. Having spent years avoiding what I saw as ‘oily’ face products like the plague for fear that they would aggravate my already-oily complexion, I now can’t imagine my skincare routine without them. I’ve built up quite the collection of fantastic face oils over the past few months and have rapidly worked my way through a whole host of different products.

In addition to working wonders on my face however, many of these oils can be used to provide a much needed boost of moisture to other areas. Be it the ends of your hair – goodness mine are split – your nails and cuticles or even your elbows, these oils are the perfect intensive treatment for any dryness. And while I can’t recommend that you slap any old oil anywhere on your body, there are a few particular oils that I’ve come to love as much for their original intended use as the various other uses I turn to them for.

First up, the NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment OilThis was actually one of the first face oils I ever used and I think it’s safe to say it won me over in almost no time at all. Lightweight, yet incredibly nourishing, it is a true miracle worker. So much so that I started keeping a bottle of it on my desk and would whip it out anytime I felt any dryness – be that on my hair or my skin. It’s particularly lovely when you add a drop or two to your split ends. A slightly heavier option is the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil. This is the oil that I turn to in times of real need – particularly in the winter – when my skin and hair have both become incredibly dry. It’s perhaps a little heavy for me in the Spring and Summer but whenever the weather takes a turn for the worst, it’s the first multi-tasker I turn to.

Last but not least is a fairly new product to my multi-tasking oil line=up, the Touche by Flavien Hair and Skin SerumThe only oil out of the lot that is technically intended for a variety of uses, I actually prefer using this on my hair and cuticles than I do on my face, mainly because I find it to be quite rich and it can often be a bit much for my face. When it comes to my hair and my cuticles however? Oh boy. It’s a keeper.


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