I’m something of a coconut addict. I love the smell and the taste and can often be found gobbling on many a coconutty-flavoured product (the Lindt Coconut Chocolate is increds). So when I spotted a coconut shampoo and conditioner, the Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner, in the aisles of Sainsburys – of all places – I was sold after just one whiff.

In addition to the incredible coconut smell – which, by the way, is pretty strong during application but doesn’t linger in a sweetly sick way after washing – the formulas of the shampoo and conditioner are pretty darn good too, particularly given that they’re so amazingly cheap. The shampoo leaves hair feeling super clean but nourished and the conditioner is nice and thick and worked wonders on my dry split ends.

The one thing that I would say is that the formula of both of these products is quite intense. For anyone with dry hair *raises hand* these are great products to use on a day-to-day basis as they will really help to nourish and treat, however I think for those of you with finer, thinner hair they might be a bit too heavy…

Definitely worth a try if you can pick ’em up though. I haven’t seen them anywhere but Sainsbos at the moment but you can pick them up on Feel Unique if you can’t find them anywhere in stores!


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