As much as I love my iPhone – and all the amazing photography apps that go along with it – I’ve really missed having physical photos. Back in the day, I used to carry around an endless supply of disposable cameras and covered my walls in photo after photo of my friends and family and I’ve really missed it. Scrolling through my Instagram feed just isn’t the same and I wanted to find a way to recapture some of the old-style photo fun.

Enter the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8an incredibly cute Polaroid-style instant camera that prints the cutest little pictures as quick as a flash. No chance to hastily delete the less-than-perfect shots, no way to edit, no opportunity to add a flattering filter and d’you know what? I really love it. Dare I say, the unflattering ones are actually the most fun.

Now these cameras aren’t the cheapest – I think they retail for about £80 along with a few film packs – but to my mind they’re totally worth it. I’m currently working on the best way to display them – ideas welcome folks! – and I can’t wait to get them all on show somewhere for everyone to see.



3 thoughts on “Snap happy memories

  1. tashasface says:

    I miss tangible photos too! Maybe you could display your pics on a pinboard or if you don’t have the wall space, pick a nice scrapbook to stick them in 🙂

    1. Good idea! I’m also thinking I could hang them from some string somehow – something like this maybe Need to get some craft supplies first though! xx

  2. aishaaaxo says:

    Aww these are so cute the price is a bit high but I’ll just have to save up or get it as a birthday present x

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