Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Karl Lagerfeld’s new fragrances, held at his beautiful new Regent Street store. The event itself was amazing – if not slightly mad and incredibly busy – and Karl got the most brilliant reception when he arrived for his own personal tour.

But moving away from the store, which was, incidentally, full to the brim with mini Karl’s, from keyrings to dolls, let’s talk about the fragrances. I managed to snag a bottle of the Karl Lagerfeld For Her Eau de Parfum for me and a bottle of the Karl Lagerfeld For Him Eau de Toilette for G – our very first his n hers fragrances *awwww* 

The first thing that struck me about both of the fragrances is how classic they are in terms of their scent. Far from offering the wacky, slightly out there smell that you might expect from someone as brilliantly eccentric as Karl, both fragrances are incredibly wearable and will, I believe, appeal to a lot of people. The second thing to note about the fragrances is how fresh they both smell, full to the brim of bright floral notes that come alive the longer you wear the scent.

The women’s fragrance is made up of lime, peach, magnolia, ‘metallic rose’ and frangipani on a bed of amber, wood and musk and although all of this notes were traceable right from the first spritz, I did find that the scent developed on the skin, bringing through the peachy fragrance and a hint of amber as the day wore on. It lingered nicely on the skin for hours after I first put it on, but isn’t in any way overpowering. Similarly, the men’s option is an interesting blend of lavender, mandarin zest, crispy apple and violet leaves on a bed of sandalwood and amber. Another delightfully fresh fragrance which develops into something a bit richer as time wears on.

While I don’t think either fragrance is particularly mind-blowing, I think they will both appeal to a wide range of perfume lovers – they may not offer you a totally unique and out-there, over-the-top scent experience but neither will they offend anyone’s tastes. A reliable classic to add to my scent stash – and G’s – and one which I plan on whipping out regularly during the coming Spring months *spritzes*


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