As much as I love make up, I’m aware that layering it on day after day can be a bit much for my skin. So, as horrendous as I find my bare face at times, I like to enforce a regular no make up detox day at least once every two weeks – more regularly if I can manage it.

That’s a whole day without a stitch of make up – no concealer, no foundation, no tinted moisturiser, nada. Now while this may not seem like a big ole deal to a lot of you, it’s something that I find quite difficult to do. I’ve never been particularly confident about my skin *blush* and whenever I’m suffering from a particularly bad bout of blemishes, my confidence dips even more. But what I’ve come to realise is that really, it doesn’t matter a huge amount whether my skin looks a little less than perfect – what matters is that I take the right steps to make it feel as good as possible.

Aside from keeping clear away from any cosmetics and cracking on with my everyday morning and evening cleansing routine, I also like to indulge in one of my favourite purifying face masks on these detox days. My current favourite is the Lush Cupcake Mask which gives your face such a nice fresh feeling, particularly when it’s straight out of the fridge, and helps to completely cleanse your skin of any nasties. A great one for those of you with oily or combination skin.

My detox days also involve a fair few bits of fruit and veg – not my favourite foods on a normal day – and a hella lotta water. While keeping myself away from our chocolate stash is always difficult, the healthy feeling at the end of the day – which carries on through to the next few days – is totally worth it, it has to be said.

What detox steps do you take to help out your skin?


2 thoughts on “The no make up detox day

  1. Well done! It can be hard not to wear a bit of mascara or powder, even just round the house, but it’s so much better for your skin. Apparently triggers that affect your skin (bad, like stress, or good, like eating avocados and salmon) can take 4-6 weeks to have an effect, so keep at it regularly!! x

  2. opinionsmatter! says:

    i think i should give it a try

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