Part two of my Springtime beauty edit focuses on the (rather bright!) selection of nail polishes that I know will be my go-to colours throughout the warmer Spring months. As soon as I spot even the faintest rays of sunshine, I whip out my brighter and bolder lacquer loves in celebration and this year is no exception.

The first up in this year’s Spring edit is Essie Full Steam Ahead, which is a beautiful pastel lilac colour with a bit of subtle shimmer. A favourite from last year that I have already started sporting. The next option is slightly different to what I would usually opt for; Claire’s Neon Pink is about as bright as it gets in terms of neon nails but I think styled in the right way and with the right ensemble it will definitely work. Watch this space.

The next bright bold is Orly Lemonade, a vibrant yellow that’s pastel enough to pull off for a day-to-day look but still with that punch of colour to make it a bit more eye-catching. Essie Mint Candy Apple on the other hand is pure pastel-y goodness and has long-been one of my favourite polishes – whatever the season.

Last up we have a more muted nude pick in the form of Revlon Bare Bones, another long-standing favourite whenever I want something a bit more subtle. It applies like a dream – the brush is immense – and gives a seriously glossy nude finish that I just can’t get enough of.

What polishes have you picked out for Spring?


2 thoughts on “The Spring Edit Part 2: nail polish

  1. fieheath says:

    Love yellow nail polish, my go to is OPI’s need sunglasses. xx

    1. Oooh I might have to give that a go! I was quite nervous to use it at first but I’ve really come around x

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