Ok, ok, I admit it, I’ve become one of overly optimistic those people who sees the tiniest glimpse of sunshine and immediately whips out the shorts, shades and suntan lotion. Optimism aside however, I don’t think anyone can argue about the fact that this last week has been incredible as far as March weather goes. We’ve had sunshine, hot temperatures and clear skies and touch wood limited amounts of rain!

And with the warmer weather, however short-lived, has come a serious case of Springtime excitement that’s got me rifling through my beauty and fashion supplies to dig out some old summery favourites. First up in my Spring Edit is my candle selection for the next few months. Gone are the rich, warm, spicy Winter scents (RIP Laura Mercier Warm Roasted Chestnuts) and in their place I’ve gathered together some fresh fragrances that immediately make my house smell like Springtime.

The newest of the bunch is my Bath and Body Works Market Peach Candlea gift from my lovely friend Gabby who brought it all the way from the US especially (thanks love!). Holy moly is this bad boy worth that transatlantic trip. It smells absolutely incredible – like actual peaches as opposed to that fake fruity sugar-sweet scent that some candles can tend to carry. Then we have the Diptyque Figuier Candle, which is by far the freshest of the bunch. The sweetness of the fig fruit is balanced perfectly by the freshness of the leaves and the overall effect is just amazing. Green, fresh and seriously fragrant.

Last up is the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Candleone of my all-time favourite scents. The sweetness of the honey compliments the freshness of the nectarine blossom and you are left with a fragrance that is subtly sweet, lightly floral and incredibly addictive. Laura Mercier’s Warm Roasted Chestnuts may have my heart as far as Christmas candles are concerned, but this one steals my affections completely as soon as Spring arrives.

What candles are you guys loving at the moment? I’m always eager to add a few more scented strings to my bow…


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