I know that Lush is an incredibly popular beauty brand with so many people out there but for some reason it’s not a place that I’ve ever really shopped. I don’t know whether this is because I’m not really a bath fan – I find them a bit dirty if I’m honest! – and a lot of what Lush do specialises in bathcare, but the shop just wasn’t really on my radar, until now. 

I’d heard some amazing things about the Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Maskmostly from Miss Glamorazzi who raved about this face mask’s ability to blitz any blemishes and calm and control your complexion, and I couldn’t wait to pop in and pick up a pot of my own – along with the few accompanying items, of course. Even after just a few uses, I have to admit I’m really impressed with the mask. You keep the pot in the fridge, to keep the formula nice and fresh, so it feels really nice and cooling when you apply. Plus the smell is just like chocolate brownies – so much so that I believe one or two fans may have even tried to eat it in the past?!

To go with it we have another blogger favourite, the Lush Popcorn Lip Scruba sugar based lip polish which buffs away dry skin, leaving your lips feeling super smooth and soft. Plus it tastes absolutely amazing – and while that’s not the main point of the product, it’s a lovely bonus. Another sweet smelling purchase is the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb, which turns your bathwater a beautiful bright yellow while filling it with a variety of nourishing natural oils. It also smells dreamy – like a Cadbury Crunchie. Delicious.

Last but not least I picked up a Lush Charity Pota lightweight hand and body lotion which sees all the money from its sale given to charity. The product itself sinks into skin incredibly quickly, leaving it feeling super soft and subtle. A word of warning to anyone out there who isn’t so keen on cocoa butter however, this product is quite heavily fragranced and may not be the one for you if the scent isn’t your favourite.

What products have you guys picked up from Lush recently? Any other recommendations for things I need to try?


2 thoughts on “The Haul #12: a Lush newbie

  1. andypuskar says:

    I watch Miss Glamorazzi also on YouTube! I love her videos. Cupcake is a great mask! If you are a chocolate lover, then yes, you will also rave about this mask! I just ordered the LUSH Golden Egg Bath Bomb online! I am super excited to try it. If you are interested, check out all of my LUSH reviews on my blog at!

  2. Your blog is awesome!! ! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!

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