It’s been a while since I changed things up in my nailcare routine. I’ve kept re-stocking the same favourites over and over again for a long time without checking to see what else is out there. So, during a recent spur of the moment trip to Whole Foods – secret beauty shopping spot extraordinaire – I picked up a couple of products from nail brand Zoya.

I had heard great things about one of these products from the lovely Anna, the Zoya 3-in-1 Remove+ Polish Removera rather snazzily-packaged product that promises not only to remove all traces of polish from your talons but also prep and condition your nails ready for the next round of lacquer.

Three uses in and I’m certainly convinced of the first two claims – polish is gone in super speedy fashion and my squeaky clean nails feel ready to roll for their next lick of paint. Plus the no-spill pump is incredibly convenient for klutzes like myself. Conditioning-wise, I’m still whipping out my trusty Essie Cuticle Oil to give ’em a good nourish but it’s certainly not doing them any harm.

Next up, I picked up a bottle of the Zoya Anchor Base Coat to replace my just-finished bottle of much-loved CND Stickey Base CoatI have to admit, although it might not look like much, this product is pretty ruddy impressive in terms of adhering colour to your nails. My at-home manicure lasted a good few days longer than usual this time round and I’m convinced it’s thanks to the anchoring powers of this little wonder.

While not the cheapest options on the shelves, these Zoya products are pretty cracking quality as far as nailcare goes. If, like me, you’re a fan of the DIY mani, they’re definitely worth investing in. And hey if the polish remover comes at too high a price to repurchase regularly, you can always keep the bottle and fill it with something a bit cheaper. I won’t tell anyone.


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