Say hello to my new favourite fragrance. As we start to make a move into Spring – hurrah! – I’m making a move away from my preferred winter-y scents (I just burned away the last of my favourite Laura Mercier Warm Roasted Chestnuts Signature Candle, sob) in favour of some lighter, floral fragrances.

One such fragrance is Balenciaga RosabotanicaFar from being your normal floral fragrance, this perfume centres around flower-y notes of rose and hyacinth that are balanced out with hints of spicy pink pepper and fresh green fig leaves and petitgrain. And d’you know what? It works.

The fragrance lingers on my skin throughout the day and manages to keep those same rich notes throughout, without losing any of its depth.

Last but not least, let’s talking about the bottle – holy moly is it beautiful. And while that’s in no way a good enough reason to fall in love with a fragrance, it certainly has helped… Now all I need is a bit of sunshine.


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