* an impromptu pre-brits photoshoot *

The five best bits: post-BRITs fun with Lilah – Warner, Roc Nation and beyond – followed by an early morning McDonalds + Harvey Weinstein’s post-BAFTAs party. Oprah was there! Actual Oprah. It was amazing fun + a mid-working day Boots trip to share my beauty obsession with a colleague. Stocked her up on some of my drugstore favourites and had such fun doing it + finally spending some time with G after what has been the busiest few weeks. An evening in coupled with a Deliverance takeaway… *sigh* + the new McVities Sweeet adverts. Corgi puppies, kittens and – of course – biscuits, the best combination

Beauty product pick of the week: Soap and Glory A Great Kisser in Peppermint – I know this was meant to be a limited edition festive flavour but I just can’t get enough of this glossy lip balm. The amazing scent reminds me of sweet mint humbugs and the balm itself leaves my lips with a lovely sheen, while ensuring they stay protected against the cold weather. Delightful

On the agenda: I’m hoping that things are going to quiet down a bit now following all of the madness of the past few weeks. It will be nice to get some stuff in order and – hopefully – get some rest!

News flash: I might actually get to play lacrosse tomorrow! After weeks of cancelled matches (cheers, rain), it looks like the pitches are back in action. Hurrah

Pause for thought: I’m going forward and focusing on the positives. There are some more stressful elements in my life which are, sadly, out of my control and it’s high time I stopped worrying about ’em. Let’s just keep the good times rolling and crack on…

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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* warner post-brits party *


* the beautiful candle display at the rosewood london *


* amazing mallow and marsh marshmallow selection *


* hello beautiful *


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