I love experimenting and testing out new beauty products so when I saw Fountain: The Beauty Molecule, a recent release that’s had the whole beauty world in an excited frenzy, in Boots a few months ago I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

I’d heard a lot about this beauty drink – a water-soluble form of resveratrol, an antioxidant rich ingredient found in the skin of red grapes and proven to promote an anti-inflammatory response, promote health and longevity (holy moly there’s a mouthful) – but wanted to see for myself whether the hype surrounding this unique product was totally deserved. Essentially what it claims to do, through the unique mix of resveratol and hyaluronic acid (to help maintain a good level of plumping moisture), is allow you to drink your way to a healthier, happier and more beautiful complexion.

So, how does it fare in practice? Well first of all I’ve got to address the taste, which – if I’m honest – is downright horrible. Resveratol has a seriously bitter kick to it and although Fountain have tried to balance that with some sweetening pomegranate, it’s still quite potent when taken undiluted. My advice? Whack your daily teaspoonful in with a glass of juice. It doesn’t dull the taste entirely but makes the whole thing much more palatable.

The second thing that I should add is that this isn’t an instant fix. I’ve been taking The Beauty Molecule daily now for about two months and, although my skin has improved – I’m looking less and less haggard as time goes by! – it’s sadly not seen any revolutionary changes. But that fact that there is a noticeable improvement, however small, makes me intrigued to see what the bottom of the bottle will bring.

Is this a must-have, going to change your world in an instant product? No. But what it is is a scientifically-proven beauty booster and, really, which one of us doesn’t need one of those in our lives?


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