* lancome pre-bafta fun *

The five best bits: the Lancome pre-BAFTA party with the lovely Lily Collins. She was incredibly friendly and unbelievably beautiful + a much-needed Saturday night Chinese. Friday’s fun left me feeling completely drained of energy and I needed a bit of a foodie boost to get me going again + an amazing night out with my wonderful friend Lilah. We always have such a ruddy blast when we hang out and this time was no exception + the Jasper Conran LFW show. Holy moly have you ever seen such a beautiful collection? It was seriously swoon-worthy + the lovely Uber driver who took me home in the early hours of Saturday morning. Not only did he give me the most delicious packet of biscuits to nibble on during the journey, he also escorted me to my door to make sure I got home safe. A true gent

Beauty product pick of the week: the new Lancome Lip Lover liquid lipsticks. The colours are beautiful, the packaging is incredibly cool and the bright bold colours have been working wonders for perking up my overly-tired complexion

On the agenda: pretty much the same as last week – BAFTAs this evening, Brits on Wednesday and then, sleep

News flash: my intense tiredness has actually made me go a little loopy so apologies if I sound a bit bizarre in any of my posts/Twitter/Instagram comments

Pause for thought: while we all joke and laugh about how awful the British weather is, the past few days have proven that it can actually be quite a scary force so please do take care and stay safe everybody

I hope you all have a lovely week!

If you’d like to see more of my Instagram photos, please do pop over there and follow me @CharlieLankston


* the ppq afterparty with claire’s *


* on-the-go lfw touch-up essentials *


* lancome loves lily *


* cinnamon hot choc goodness *


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