Lanolips Lip Ointment has built up a huge following in recent years – including yours truly – so when I spied its sister product, Lanolips Rose Balm for Hands and NailsI couldn’t resist the chance to give it a go. And what with it being Valentine’s Day, who doesn’t love a good bit of rose?

Much like the lip balm, the rose-scented hand cream is rich in lanolin, a wax made from the wool of sheep which nourishes and protects the skin, ensuring that your hands remain moisturised all day long, without falling prey to the bitter winter elements. Now, as some of you are no doubt aware, when it comes to hand cream, I’m a pretty tough customer and I have to admit that this product, while lovely, had a few (albeit minor) negative aspects…

While I found that it made my skin much softer, the hand cream did leave a slightly tacky feeling afterwards and didn’t sink in as easily as I would like which meant I was left feeling like I couldn’t use my hands for a while post-application. The hand cream is a bit heavier than I would like for day-to-day use but for an overnight treatment I think it works well, helping your hands to heal and recover while you’re snoozing – when the slightly tacky feeling shouldn’t bother you.

Have you tried the Lanolips Hand Balm?


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