Whether or not you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day, it presents the perfect opportunity for any beauty lovers out there to indulge in what is no doubt a much-needed pamper session. What with London Fashion Week, the BAFTAs and the Brits all just around the corner (*weeps*), there’s not going to be a lot of time to rest in the coming weeks and it’s important to get in as much R&R as possible while we can! So, whether you’re prepping for a hot date, a night on the town with some friends, or for the impending early mornings that are part and parcel of LFW, treat yourself to a bit of a beauty reset – I promise your body and your face will be thanking you for it later. Light some candles (a must for any pamper session) and relax into your favourite amped-up beauty routine, which for me centres around giving my face, hair and body a big ole boost of moisture…

First up are a few additional in-shower steps, like the L’Oreal Ever Riche Hair Mask – amazing for ensuring some super silky, healthy-looking tresses – and the Valentino Valentina Body Wash – a luxurious floral scent which lingers subtly on skin for hours after use. Face-wise, post-cleanser I like to use the Lierac Paris Micro Abrasion Scruba powerful exfoliating face scrub which, when used lightly, leaves skin looking super soft and glowing. I follow that up with my much-loved Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask to add an extra whack of skin-plumping moisture to my face in preparation for the long nights ahead…!

Some more moisturisation comes in the form of the Dove Haircare Dry Oil for hair – a wonderfully lightweight serum which nourishes hair and leaves it looking super shiny – while my body gets a boost of hydration from the Jergens Original Beauty Lotion – a rich, but lightweight lotion which leaves your skin smelling like cherry bakewell. For my face, it’s the NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil that I turn to for that super rich dose of hydration, while my lips get a healthy dose of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creamthe only product I’ve found which 100 per cent guarantees the smoothest smackers come morning. Perfect for some v-day action or a bit of LFW pouting.

Last but not least, my nails get a bit of TLC in the form of the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oilto combat any winter-induced dryness, which is followed up with a good old manicure to ready my talons for a lick of polish come morning.

So, I know what I’ll be doing for a few hours on Thursday night… What routine will you guys be indulging in?


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