Since picking up the NARS Creamy Concealer a couple of months ago, I don’t think I’ve used any other concealer. Despite boasting a pretty impressive concealer collection, nothing in my stash measured up to the NARS offering in terms of the creamy, blendable formula, brilliant coverage and long-lasting staying power. Until now that is.

Enter the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin ConcealerNow some of you may have seen that I picked up the accompanying foundation a few weeks ago and, having been pretty impressed with that, couldn’t help but snap up the concealer during my next trip to Boots to see whether it lived up to the same high standards. Boy does it. Now I’m not a huge fan of the packaging – I’d much prefer a doe-foot applicator a la NARS – but other than that, this concealer kills it in almost every category.

Formula-wise, it blends like a dream – much like the NARS offering – and it covers all manner of lumps, bumps and blemishes quickly and efficiently, without feeling at all heavy on the skin. In comparison with the NARS option, I’d say the formula of this is slightly thinner and the staying power isn’t quite as mighty but the cover power is still pretty ruddy epic and it will hang around for the best part of a day without needing to be touched up. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me, especially given that it’s less than a third of the cost of the high end alternative.

So, while it won’t be replacing my NARS Creamy Concealer any time soon, the Maybelline option is the perfect alternative for any on the go touch-ups – meaning I can leave the pricier product at home but feel safe in the knowledge that I have a kick-ass concealer with me at all times *breathes a sigh of relief*


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