Now I know I’m probably late to the party with this – as with most things – but holy moly how amazing is TK Maxx for snagging a good beauty bargain?! After wandering in there the other day on my lunch break for a completely different reason entirely, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the seriously impressive beauty selection that they had going on and, inevitably, pick up a few purchases while there.

As you can no doubt see, I was most excited to spy a few Lierac Paris products scattered on the shelves – I’ve heard rave reviews about this French pharmacy brand from a number of different bloggers – as it can be quite hard to get hold of in the UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I opted for the micellar water first of all, before adding in the toner and the micro-abrasion exfoliator to the mix.

Having given each of the products a whirl, the micellar is standing out as a firm favourite. It’s seriously effective, even on eye make up, and while it’s much more heavily perfumed than the other micellar waters I own, it doesn’t sting the eyes or dry out the skin – and the scent is by no means repulsive or overpowering! The toner is nice but nothing spectacular – cleansing without drying – and I didn’t feel any particularly brilliant after effects in all honesty. The micro-abrasion on the other hand had quite a powerful effect indeed.

First things first, this stuff is tough – most definitely not one for sensitive skins. The texture feels a bit like that of sandpaper but in liquid form and it really does take its toll on your skin. That said, the next morning, post scratchy scrub, my skin felt smoother than it has in a really long time and any trace of slightly irritation was long gone. So while it’s certainly not a product for every day use, I’ll definitely be keeping it handy for those times when I feel the need to really scrub down deep.

Last but not least, I picked up a new pair of Tweezerman tweezers – a brand which a lot of you are no doubt familiar with. Adorned with the cutest pattern, these limited edition tweezers are the best around in my opinion and plucking my brow has been a ruddy delight ever since they came back into my life.

So as you can see, a super successful trip – and having heard tale of some Emma Hardie products being spotted elsewhere in TK Maxx land, I’ll undoubtedly be making a return visit very soon…


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