Is it just me, or have drugstore beauty brands just been killing it lately with their new products? Two of those such products that have really impressed of late are the MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation and the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin FoundationSince purchasing both of these products just over a month ago, I’ve not felt the need to reach for anything else when it comes to achieving a flawless base. But how do they fare when compared?

First up – the packaging. Both foundations come complete with a glass bottle and handy pump, which means accessing the product is super easy in both cases. Shade range-wise, Maybelline takes the biscuit in terms of the number available, offering 8 different options in comparison to MF’s 6. From a completely personal point of view, I find the MF foundation (I wear Warm Almond) suits my skin tone a bit better – the best match on the Maybelline front (Ivory) is still a teeny bit pale but really it depends on your skin type so do make sure you swatch ’em all up if you have chance.

When it comes to application, both formulas are pretty spot on. They both blend really well into the skin (either with a buffing brush or with your fingers) and each offers a lovely lightweight, but buildable, coverage – helping to mask all blemishes, redness, lumps and bumps without too much effort. If I’m being particularly fussy, I’d say that the MF option just about pips the Maybelline to the post in terms of coverage – it’s ever so slightly heavier and is therefore the option that I tend to turn to whenever my skin is feeling a bit more blemish-y and is in need of that added boost.

Both of the foundations claim to offer seriously lengthy wear-time – with each claiming to keep your face looking fresh as a daisy from morning to night, without the need for a primer or a powder. While I was slightly skeptical about the claims, I have to admit I was pretty impressed, particularly with MaxFactor. Personally I would still use a primer – not necessarily to make my foundation last longer but to add a bit of glow or smooth away any imperfections – but even when I tried without, the MF fared a good few hours before any signs of wear began to show, while the Maybelline lasted a little less before starting to patch slightly on the oilier parts of my skin. Nothing major, but something to bear in mind if you have combination skin.

So as you can see, there’s not a lot in it. If I had to choose, I’d probably plump for the MaxFactor option, mainly because I think it suits my skin type just a tiny bit better than the Maybelline product and it came out on top in most of the head-to-head tests. But really both products are pretty ruddy ace and I would recommend either to all of y’all – maybe even both if you fancied your own foundation-off?

PS the main reason I picked up the MaxFactor foundation in the first place is because I read somewhere that it was an almost exact match for the incredibly popular CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation – a favourite with a lot of US-based bloggers – which sadly isn’t available in the UK. So if you’re looking for a UK alternative, this one is the one for you! 


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