NailFilesJan* top row (l-r): lancome grey lumiere, opi live and let die, my a/w nail selection // middle row: essie cashmere bathrobe, essie shearling darling & nails inc snowflake, essie toggle to the top // bottom row: essie cashmere bathrobe & nails inc snowflake, nails inc porchester square & maybelline brocades knitted gold, butter london the full monty *

After trying to cram a new polish into my nail storage a couple of weeks ago – and failing to find any space to fit (seriously, not one cm of space) – I decided that the time had come to have a bit of a clear-out. Despite the fact that I paint my nails quite a lot, I tend to stick to a small selection of much-loved colours, often forgetting some old favourites in the process and there were still a fair few polishes hidden away in my stash that hadn’t been touched for ruddy ages.

So, after clearing out a few of the dustier bottles, I’ve been making a real effort to branch out and be a bit bolder with my polish collection in the past few weeks and thought I’d give y’all an update on how it’s going. The most unexpected favourite by far is Butter London’s The Full Monty, a beautiful gleaming gold that applies like a dream and adds that perfect level of metallic gleam to my mitts. Delightful.


One thought on “The Nail Files #5: an update

  1. wwallytodoynadabelle says:

    My favourites from these were: The full monty from Butter London, lancome grey lumiere, and your a/w nail selection, specially the metallic green! 🙂

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