Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the newest addition to my (rather meagre, but ever-expanding) accessories line-up, the Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto. I’ve been lusting after the whole Rebecca Minkoff range since I saw Estee, from Essiebutton, waxing lyrical about her Hudson Mini Moto in a recent blog post but I was worried that the smaller mini version of the bag wouldn’t quite be big enough to carry around all of the useless bits and pieces that I lug around on a day-to-day basis.

So when I spotted the original, full-size version on the Nordstrom website, it headed straight to the top of my birthday wishlist and, thanks to my generous mama, into my arms just a few weeks later *insert happy dance*. Built in the exact same style as the Mini Moto, just a few inches bigger, the bag is made up of three main compartments which are all closed with magnetised flaps and finished off with the gold clasp.

The neat sections make it really easy to keep organised and the bag is surprisingly roomy while still looking and feeling pretty compact. I thought I might find the clasp a bit of a faff to get open and closed all the time but I haven’t found it to be a problem thus far and if anything it’s actually helped me to feel a bit more secure about keeping everything in my bag nice and safe!

Needless to say I’ve fallen hard for this beauty – everything from the quirky colourful lining to the gold hardware had me hooked from the get-go – and I may or may not already be eagerly eyeing up my next Minkoff purchase


4 thoughts on “Bags of fun

  1. Bwaaaa that bag is soooo pretty! Friggen beauty bloggers and their fabulous things- then YOU want the fabulous things, LOL. They’re doing it well 😄

  2. Yanhearts says:


    I just gotten my hudson moto mini and the clasp is not working. It is stuck and I can only open if I push it inwards and pull it down hard enough.
    What about yours? I think mine is flawed ):


    1. Hi love,

      It sounds like it might be broken – although it could just be that it’s a bit stiff? Is it worth taking it into a leather shop to see if they can loosen it?

      Whereabouts did you get it? I had an issue with mine – which was from Nordstrom – and they were really good about switching it for me.


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