With the budget-busting month of January finally coming to a close, I know I for one can’t wait to try and trim my finances into order after a month of much more thrifty living.

Far from abandoning all talk of budgets however, I’m hoping to take forward a few budgeting tips and tricks into the coming month and beyond, in the hopes of reigning in my spending a bit and keeping better track of where all my money is going (I pretty much know the answer to that – *cough* Boots and Space NK *cough*). 

While budgets have been tighter and wallets have been lighter, one thing that I’ve started paying a whole heap more attention to are my store points cards. I, like most of you, have a wallet full of beauty cards – from my Boots Advantage Card to my Space NK N.Dulge card – but aside from handing them over when making a purchase and casting a quick glance at my points tally, I don’t really do much with them.

Boy has that changed. Boots in particular have a whole heap of deals that I was blissfully unaware of until very recently. First of all, those snazzy Advantage Card machines. Far from being a bit of a mysterious addition to the store, those ATM-style points hold a heck of a lot of deals and vouchers, from additional points to money-off coupons and it all piles up, helping you to save money, while storing up a lot more points.

In terms of the N.Dulge card, while the rewards might not seem that hefty, they do all mount up and a £5 reward off here or a £10 reward off there really does help to make a difference to that hefty Space NK haul. Even better – you can use your N.Dulge points online!

So, while budgets may be abandoned as we head forward in to February, remember to keep those points cards handy and accessible – you never know what money-saving marvels you might stumble across!


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