Despite my primer drawer (yes, that’s right, a whole drawer just for primer) being close to bursting, I still can’t resist in indulging my primer obsession whenever I spy a snazzy new release – particularly when it comes from a drugstore brand.

The newest addition to my stash is something of a recent release and one that I couldn’t wait to snap up, the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore EraserThis is a silicone-based primer that promises to smooth the appearance of your skin, while helping to reduce the visibility of your pores. For anyone who has tried out the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerthis one is quite similar, both in look and feel.

In my opinion, less is definitely more with this primer – I find I have the best results when I apply a thin layer to skin just before my foundation. My pores feel much less visible and my complexion looks and feels much softer and smoother. It doesn’t particularly help to extend the longevity of my foundation but also didn’t have any negative side effects on any of the other products I’ve been wearing with it.

A last bonus is the packaging – super small and handy and in a hygienic tube (as opposed to a pot you have to dip your fingers in) – which makes it perfect for any gals on the go.

All in all I’m pretty impressed and, if you’re a fan of silicone-y primers, this one is definitely a good ‘un to try. What do you guys think? One to add to the wishlist?


2 thoughts on “Pores be gone: Maybelline Baby Skin

  1. Love your photography on this post. I haven’t tried this primer as trying to make myself use up old ones before buying any more! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I can completely understand that – I only let myself pick up this one after I had finished one! x

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