* some beautiful birthday flowers currently brightening up my beauty storage *

The five best bits: my first ever office-based birthday. I was slightly worried that it would feel a bit weird and that nobody would remember but boy was I wrong. My wonderful colleagues couldn’t have been nicer and I felt like the luckiest 26-year-old ever + a much-needed evening in with G, who whipped up an amazing birthday feast for me (having already had a platter of sushi, a bottle of champagne and a cake delivered to the office for my lunch!) + Friday night birthday drinks. I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive about it and was panicking slightly that nobody would turn up. But my amazing friends came through – of course they did – and I had such an ace evening + the cocktails at the London Cocktail Club. Holy moly those things are tasty. Personal favourites included the Fortune Cookie and the Monkey Nut – delicious + I have consumed SIX different types of cake in two days. Six. Needless to say G and I will be eating cake for weeks to come!

Beauty product pick of the week: the MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 FoundationOne heck of a name for one heck of a product. Lightweight, yet offering full, buildable coverage which hangs around for hours on end, this has been my go-to foundation for a few weeks now. Full post on its way soon…

On the agenda: eating a lot of vegetables and drinking a whole lotta water in order to balance out the hefty sugar intake that’s taken place over the last couple of days

News flash: anyone else hating this wet and mild weather as much as me? BRING ON SOME SNOW I say

Pause for thought: in amongst all the birthday excitement, my family had a really sad day yesterday when we lost our beloved kitten George. The most beautiful, feisty and courageous cat around, he died far too young and we are all devastated by the loss of such a wonderful boy. Thinking of him always. To George x

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* post-work birthday celebrations with g *


* flowers, cake, flowers, cake, happy girl *


* the birthday face *


* living it up, 26 style *


2 thoughts on “Famous five #84: turning 26

  1. That’s awful news about your kitten – I’m sorry to hear it. But it sounds like you had a lovely birthday x

    1. Thank you, that’s so lovely of you x

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