Now I know what a lot of you are thinking – does this girl really need any more make up bags?! – but can you really blame me? I mean just look at this beautiful bit of beauty brilliance.

Some of you may remember the slight obsession that I had with the similar Paul & Joe Floral Make Up Baga much small – yet equally as wonderful – filofax-style make up organiser that I picked up a few months ago. Since finally laying my mitts on it after a rather extensive search, it’s seen an unbelievable amount of use, my one and only issue with it being its slightly small size. ‘If only they had a bigger version that I could use on longer trips away,’ I thought to myself.

Enter the Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio AKA the make up bag of dreams, first spotted in one of Fleur de Force‘s videos a wee while back. Just short of being A4 sized, this make up portfolio comes complete with four magnetised pouches – two medium, one small, one large – which pop in and out of the case quickly and easily, making them incredibly accessible and simple to access. In addition, the portfolio houses a removable middle sleeve to house your make up brushes and a palette or two in the back. In other words, pretty much all the storage you could need to house every possible beauty bit necessary during a week away.

The only drawback to this piece of beauty genius is that it is quite difficult to get hold of. I managed to track mine down on Amazon – the seller has now sadly sold out – but there are also a few available on eBay and, if you are quite as hefty a packer as I, try out the mini version of the portfolio which is currently on sale at House of Fraser and includes a beautiful mini palette and lipgloss.

Needless to say this beauty bag has well and truly fulfilled all of my organisational dreams…


3 thoughts on “An organisational dream: Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio

  1. dannii says:

    now you have this, would you ever sell your paul and joe one? i need it in my life and after stalking selfridges i’ve had no luck! i’d pay brand new price! (worth a try)

    1. I’m so sorry but I still use my Paul and Joe one all the time for quicker trips as it’s a bit smaller.

      If you’re desperate for that sort of make up bag though (I know I was!!) try the petite version of the Laura Mercier or Trish McElvoy does a similar one too! Xxx

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