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The five best bits: managing to grab one of the limited supplies of the new NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette. Holy moly I can’t wait for that bad boy to arrive + spending a bloody lovely Monday afternoon hanging out with Bems strolling round Westfield + getting back into hot chocolate thanks to the delicious Prestat Hot Chocolate Flakes. I’m not usually much of a hot choc fan but boy are those things tasty + my first ever trip to HomeSense. That place is incredible and I may have made one or five purchases while there + spending most of Sunday morning in bed. Which is why this post is going up slightly later than usual!

Beauty product pick of the week: I’ve really been enjoying my new Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in BackstageThe formula can be slightly drying after a few hours of wear but a quick slick of lip balm helps to re-moisturise and ensure the beautiful plummy pink stays put all day

On the agenda: BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY. Not sure whether that’s something to celebrate or sob about to be honest…

News flash: January is shaping up to be a bloody complicated month. Hoping that aforementioned birthday will put a better spin on what has thus far been a bit of a cruddy time

Pause for thought: I’ve had one of those weeks that just seems to have got worse and worse every day and I found myself getting seriously worked up to the point of hysteria. Funnily enough, all it took was a night in with friends and a bit of rest and relaxation before I was feeling right as rain again…

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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* swatching up a storm *


* new favourite foundation *


* being a baller at the nba game *


* monday’s blogging landscape *


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