Having only ever really dabbled in Topshop’s make up collection – until very recently I only had a lipstick and a highlighter, both of which I really like – I decided that the time had come to take a more detailed look at all the lovely things that this high street brand has to offer.

It was as if Cult Beauty had read my mind, providing me with the perfect opportunity to test a variety of Topshop’s best beauty products with the Best of Beauty Editor’s Picks Collection, a selection of the tip top Topshop offerings all bundled into one easy collection. Ideal for a Topshop newbie like myself.

Surprisingly, unlike a lot of make up collections, I could see myself using pretty much all of the products included in this edit and decided to give ’em all a go at once in order to truly put the Topshop face to the test (results above). Now, the above photo – forgive the scrappy hair, it had been a windy and rainy day – was taken after a few hours’ wear and I think – or hope! – you’ll agree, the make up has lasted pretty darn well.

My favourite bit of the bunch was the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heelsa beautifully balmy product which blended effortlessly into my skin, creating an incredibly natural flush, and hung around pretty much all day. A close second was the Topshop Magic LinerI’m not a big liquid liner wearer on a normal day-to-day basis but this one was so simple to use – it’s one of the lovely pointy pens – that I think I’ll end up reaching for it more and more regularly. Just need to work on steadying that hand…! *models wobbly feline flick*

I already had the cream highlighter pot (ruddy lovely, blends in brilliantly and leaves a lovely highlight on the cheekbones) and a lipstick in my collection – both of which I love – but it was great to try out a new lipstick shade. Beguiled is a beautiful deep plum shade, the perfect vampy lip that can be worn effortlessly by anyone. I was a bit hesitant to model such a dark lip during the daytime so instead blended a sheer coat of this on top of the Topshop Lip Cream in Dust, a  beautiful cream lip gloss which glides on effortlessly and combined with the lipstick to create the perfect rich pinky plum shade. Perfect for everyday wear.

To add a nice healthy glow to my face – in place of my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – I swept a light dusting of the Topshop Illuminator in Reflectwhich helped to add a lovely bronzed radiance to the complexion. Beware of over-enthusiastic application however, the colour pay-off on this is ace and will look a bit OTT if you go in with a heavy hand! Last but not least, the Topshop Nails in BomberI absolutely love the colour of this polish – a deep purply burgundy shade – but wasn’t overly keen on the application. The brush is a bit meh but for the low price (they’re £5 normally) it wasn’t too bad.

So as you may be able to tell, I’m pretty impressed with the whole Topshop offering. The only drawback being that I’ll no doubt want to spend some more of my hard-earned pennies adding some more products to my collection…


One thought on “The Topshop Face

  1. I just got the topshop powder highlighter, and I’m kinda in love! I’m really surprised Topshop has such a nice makeup line, PLUS it’s cruelty free 😀

    If you wanna read more about cruelty free beauty, swing on by: Blushing Biddies

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